Paper Prize Awardees

Congratulations to this year’s GRASFI 2021 Paper Prize awardees

GRASFI Best Paper Prize (sponsored by BNP Paribas Asset Management)

Awarded to the paper ‘The Effects of Mandatory ESG Disclosure around the World’

Authors: Philipp Krueger; Zacharias Sautner; Dragon Yongjun Tang; Rui Zhong

GRASFI Best Sustainable Investment Prize (sponsored by the CFA Institute)

Awarded to the paper ‘Climate Change and Long-Horizon Portfolio Choice: Combining Theory and Empirics’

Authors: Mathijs Cosemans; Xander Hut; Mathijs van Dijk

GRASFI Best Novel Methods Paper Prize (sponsored by  Maanshan Rural Commercial Bank)

Awarded to the paper ‘CAROs: Climate Risk-Adjusted Refinancing Operations’

Authors: Florian Böser; Chiara Colesanti Senni

GRASFI Best PhD Paper Prize (sponsored by the CFA Institute) 

Awarded to the paper ‘When the Mainstream Matters: Coalition Composition in Collective Shareholder Activism on ESG Issues’

Author: Kevin Chuah

GRASFI Best Asset Pricing Paper Prize (sponsered by the Deutsche Börse Group)

Awarded to the paper ‘Is Carbon Risk Priced in the Cross-Section of Corporate Bond Returns?’

Authors: Tinghua Duan; Frank Weikai Li; Quan Wen


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